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Petra Colindres MA, RDN/LD, IBCLC, CPT is an Oklahoma City based Family Dietitian and Lactation Consultant with a passion for well-being within families.

She believes that the standard for successful outcomes starts with a healthy household, beginning with the family during pregnancy and extending throughout the lifecycle. As a Mother and nutrition lifestyle expert, Petra believes a healthy lifestyle should include changes that are easy to fit into your life, food that tastes good, and moments that make you feel fulfilled.

Petra has over 6 years experience working with babies, toddlers, chilldren, and teens in a variety of settings. Her focus is on the family unit, to get everyone working together to achieve well-being. Besides being a family dietitian, Petra writes for Lamaze International, loves working out, and cooking on her Fox 25 show: Petra's Kitchen.

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